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FAQs | ThaiHotline Report Online Illegal/Harmful Content, For Creative and Safe Use of the Internet

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Who is the ThaiHotline?

ThaiHotline is the Internet Hotline founded in April 2009 under the corporation between the Thai Internet Service Provider Association and the Internet Foundation for the Development of Thailand. ThaiHotline aims to create a cyber-community-based monitoring mechanism to help report any illegal content and to create a safe online society. Online users are encouraged to report any inappropriate content ThaiHotline at

Who runs ThaiHotline?

ThaiHotline operations are supported by the Internet Foundation for the Development of Thailand. The foundation gets supports from both government and the private sector. You can also help us by donation to our bank account, click here.

What type of website can I report?

You can report illegal content such as child exploitation, violation of privacy, financial related crime, contents that act against public order, or any contents that are illegal under Thai legislation. You can see the type of websites or content that can be reported to ThaiHotline and other related agencies by click here.

How can I make a report?

You can make a report through the online form on the ThaiHotline website. Click on "Report Illegal Content" on the first page of or send a fax to 0-2860-3437 or leave a message by calling us at 0-2438-3559.

What happens when I make a report?

After a report has been submitted to ThaiHotline, our Content Analysts will assess whether or not the website is classed as illegal. Then we will contact our relevant partners, such as webmasters, web bloggers, web hosting, ISPs and law enforcement agencies to handle the case according to the law.

How can I support ThaiHotline?

You can support ThaiHotline by reporting any contents or information you suspect to be illegal on the internet.

You can help us by donation to the following bank account: 
Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited 
Branch: Thai Summit Tower Subbranch 
Account Name: Internet Foundation for Development of Thailand (Hotline) 
Account Type : Saving Account 
Account Number : 493-1-02722-0

We appreciate all of your supports.