Financial Related Crime

Financial Related Crime is the fact that criminals are using the internet for financial scams (Phishing), such as sending message or spam mail for tricking readers to transfer money or sending

financial information (Credit Card Number, Bank Account Number) to them, ordering products online and didn?t receive anything after transferring money. Those contents are against Computer Crime Act 2007 Section 14:  Any person who commits any offence of the following acts, shall be subject to imprisonment for a sentence under five years or a fine under one hundred thousand baht or both (1) that involves import to a computer system of forged computer data, either in whole or in part,or false computer data, in a manner that is likely to cause damages to that third party or the public.In case of online merchandizing scam, there is another law that protects customer which is Consumer Protection Act 1979 Section 4: The consumer has the following rights of protection:

  1. The right to receive correct and sufficient information and description for the quality of goods or services.
  2. The right to enjoy freedom in the choice of goods or services.
  3. The right to expect safety in the use of goods or services (the right to receive a fair contract)
  4. The right to have the injury considered and compensated in accordance with the laws on such matters or with the provision of this Act.