Child Abuse Material

Child Abuse Material is the content that shows the violations of children rights on the internet from both physical and mentality, such as sexual harassment or child sexual exploitation. The materials run contrary the Child Protection Act of 2003, Article 27: It is forbidden for anyone to advertise or disseminate by means of the media or any other kind of information technology, any information on a child or the child?s guardian, with the intention of causing damages to the mind, reputation, prestige or any other interests of the child or seeking benefit for oneself or others in an illegal manner. Child Abuse Materials on the Internet are

  • Child Pornography ? images or video clips of children?s sexual exploitation or having sex with children
  • Child Nudity ? images of naked children
  • Child Prostitutions ? content offering child prostitutions
  • Child Sex Tourism ? content offering having sex with children as a part of tourism in Thailand
  • Child Grooming Activities ? content showing someone approaching children for the purpose of exploitation
  • Child Trafficking ? selling children for (the trade of ) money or property