Cyber Bullying

  1. Bully, slander, threaten through Facebook chat or Line by posting insults to the victim to be humiliated or threatening or using words to attack the victim in various forms of damage.
  2. Deception by deceiving the victim to give them money, arrange victim who are boys or girls for sexual purposes.
  3. Revile is taking pictures of the victim and/or edit for defamation or posting personal picture online. There have also been terrible cases, both in Thailand and abroad, where the victims were very embarrassed so they decided to hurt themselves or even committed suicide.
  4. Claim falsely usually in form of stolen picture and post at profile picture in fake account in facebook and use that account to post improper content such as fraud, blame or defamation of Royal family.
  5. Sexual harassment: such as sending pornography picture or video without any request or edit victim’s picture to be pornography and post online.