Content of Drugs includes advertising, selling, using addictive substances that considering illegal of Narcotics Act 1979 , such as website selling drugs or equipment for using drugs like amphetamine or marihuana, and website introducing how to use drugs. Section 4 of Narcotics Act 1979 stated that (13)"advertisement" includes any act in any method which people

can see or know the information for commercial purpose unless the technical document or textbook. Also it is against Narcotics Control Act 1956 Section 14: fourth In the case where there is a reasonable ground to believe that any document or information which transmit by any post, telegraph, telephone, fax telephone, computer, tool or instrument in the communication, electronic communication or communication by information technology was used or may be used for the purpose of the commission offence relating to narcotics. The competent official who have approved in letter of the Secretary- General shall submit unilateral application to Chief Justice of the Criminal Court for having an issue to permit the competentofficial of obtained such information.