It is known that Thai people are kind-hearted, kind and like to help others. Which many times become a means of making a living for criminals Especially in online communities There are a lot of forwarding messages, both from those who really need help and those who wish for personal benefits.

Before making a donation online Check a little Although giving is a good thing But if promoting the wrong way Should consider before transferring money or sending items

🔎Initial information check of donations

1️⃣  Check from the illustration. Sometimes criminals may take pictures of children. Or various disasters to assemble to look trustworthy Check that the said image is real. Or appear somewhere else on the internet as well?

Preliminary examination can be made from Some people brought illustrations from elsewhere. Some people use the same pictures that had happened a long time ago. To be sure first

2️⃣Check the history of posters To determine whether the said matter is true or not Are donations and expenses clearly displayed?

3️⃣ Consider the appropriateness of the donation amount.

Donations through trusted organizations Can check and track donations Is a safer donation, directly to individuals And should keep proof of donation In case of encountering problems later Best wishes from Thai Hotline.