The Internet has become another necessary part of present-day life for people of all ages, in all careers, and in the fields of education, research, business, and entertainment. Mass media uses it to communicate with the public, both in sending messages and receiving feedback. It follows that, intentionally or unintentionally, the Internet can harm society.

ThaiHotline is the Internet Hotline founded in April 2009 under the corporation between the Thai Internet Service Provider Association and the Internet Foundation for the Development of Thailand.

ThaiHotline aims to create a cyber-community-based monitoring mechanism to help report any illegal/harmful content and to create a safe online society. Online users are encouraged to anonymously report any illegal/harmful content to ThaiHotlineat www.thaihotline.org. ThaiHotline will ensure that the matter is investigated and if found to be illegal the information will be passed to the relevant Law Enforcement Agency , and in many cases the Internet Service Provider hosting the content.

ThaiHotline is a member of INHOPE foundation. INHOPE (International Association of Internet Hotlines www.inhope.org) is an active and collaborative global network of Hotlines, dealing with illegal content online and committed to stamping out child sexual abuse from the Internet. INHOPE comprises the INHOPE Association and the INHOPE Foundation, a charity constituted in 2010 to help new hotlines with start-up activities in emerging markets.

As of January 2019, INHOPE has 46 members in 41 countries. Click here